Hi, I’m LB, a blogger from Wales. I studied Professional Writing and Media at University and ever since my year abroad in New Zealand, I’ve had a serious case of the travel bug. Now, I like to share my travelling stories, tips and reviews on the best reads and eats wherever I am in the world.

Why Whatsheblogged?

Whatsheblogged started to network and connect with like-minded women in business. I found myself in their shops, at their workshops and buying their books. During university I was lucky enough to be interviewing bands and artists for Essentially Pop for nearly three years so speaking to people came naturally to me- whether that was in an article or in person. So, I began a mission to seek as many women in biz in between my studies. Now, I’m still seeking even more incredible women to collaborate with.

Are you a woman in business?

I’m still on the hunt to meet like minded women in business to feature in an interview, blog post or an episode on my upcoming podcast. Please feel free to email me at whatsheblogged@outlook.com

Can’t wait to hear from you!