Banana and raw chocolate loaf

Hey lovelies!

After a morning of work, I decided to have an afternoon of baking so i made my favourite; banana loaf.

I made a few changes to my usual recipe and added raw chocolate to give it a marble effect which is just beautiful and even yummier!

So what you’ll need:

200g of self raising flour

1 cup of butter (I used flora buttery)

1 and a half table spoons of Stevia

2 medium over ripe bananas (I only had one over ripe banana so i added another nice looking one – this is fine as i find the bread to be less soggy, I don’t like the word ‘moist’ ahh!)

6 pieces of raw dark chocolate

2 eggs

Unsweetened almond milk (a splash in the mix because it wasn’t lumpy enough)

1 teaspoon of baking soda

The method:

In a bowl…whisk together the ingredients (minus the chocolate) until you get a porridge consistency – not too much like liquid as the bread will be too soggy from the banana.

Then…heat up your chocolate in a bain marie or in the microwave and drizzle over the mix, whipping it all together until you get a marble effect.

Empty into a buttered up bread tin and pop in a preheated 180C fan/160 gas oven for 35 minutes and watch the baby rise.

Stick a sharp knife into the top of the cake and slide down to the bottom, pull it out and if its clear, your loaf is ready.

The trick is to fill the tin over half way, if you fill it up with enough mixture then the cake will surely rise.

Leave to cool and serve.







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