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5 Common Endocrine Disruptors—and How to Avoid Them

10th March 2021

I hear you, what on earth is an endocrine disruptor? The endocrine system is a network of hormone-producing glands that plays a vital role in all phases of our body’s development, metabolism, and reproduction. Before writing this article, my knowledge of estrogen, and testosterone stemmed was from the doctor giving me my contraception tablets explaining […]

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How toxic is your clothing?

1st March 2021

Up until last year, I loved to treat myself to a new dress or a pair of jeans without a thought about who or how my clothes were really made. I didn’t think about how that jacket was the perfect shade of pink or the chemicals that might be needed to make it that particular […]

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Beauty Kitchen’s Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser

22nd October 2020

One of my favourite U.K. beauty brands has done the unthinkable…a hand sanitiser with no toxic ingredients!! It came to my attention a few weeks ago that as we’ve become more conscious of wanting to keep our hands clean…we have also become prone to this unconscious desire to buy without really looking as to whether […]

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