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Fashion Accessories That Serve a Genuine Purpose

2nd October 2020

Most of us accessorise in some way or another. We add accessories into our look for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, accessories provide us with a simple way to customise an outfit and add our signature stamp to it. Nowadays, more and more of us are wearing the exact same outfits, as […]

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Live The Road Trip Dream With these 12 Easy Steps

23rd July 2020

With all that’s been happening since the beginning of 2020, there is no need to say that this year’s holidays will be a little different from the one you had in mind to take. Staying in the UK might not have been the idea of summer months that many had in mind. And while we […]

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How to Maintain a Travel Blog When You’re Not Travelling

24th June 2020

Travel is a massive part of most blogs. People want to hear about your stories and read your advice. Plus, you need an excuse to go on holiday and “report” your findings! Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic means that holidays and travel trips are on the back burner.  Unfortunately, this puts you in a sticky […]

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Making Plans For When Normality Returns!

7th June 2020

While losing all of our freedoms because of coronavirus has been no fun for any of us, what it has done is shown us exactly what we were taking for granted before. The things we could just get up and do without a second thought. Think of the times you turned down perfectly good opportunities […]

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5 Key Ingredients for Natural, Homemade Beauty Products

21st May 2020

It’s no secret that the cosmetics and beauty industries use a variety of different chemicals in their compounds. While many of these ingredients are harmless, others can cause skin or health issues, or are simply unethical. Some chemicals used in beauty products can even be harmful to the environment.  So, more people are turning toward […]

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