How to Own a Kick-Ass Tattoo Parlour in Vietnam with Ninja Ink

21st July 2020

Meet Nini Beltran-Bullard, kick-ass engineer graduate, mother, wife, and co-owner of the popular tattoo parlour, ‘Ninja Ink’ in Vietnam. The Head Tattoo Artist prides herself on her professionalism and her work is literally a work of art (trust me, I know!). Before I left Vietnam, I wanted to get a few extra tattoos to tidy […]

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How to be a Volunteer GGi Community Manager with Nga Nguyen

15th May 2020

What is a Volunteer Community Manager? I hear you ask! Who are Girls Gone International? GGI (Girls Gone International) is the world’s largest female expat community and network, on a mission to connect international female travellers online and in person through regular meet-ups in different cities. Every city that there is a GGI group, they […]

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How to Own a Restaurant in Vietnam with Bao Wow

5th May 2020

Tucked away along the famous Dang Thai Mai st in Tay Ho, Hanoi, the Taiwanese inspired restaurant ‘Bao Wow‘, serves up fresh, kick-ass bao buns. Owners and Founders, Katie Taylor and her partner and chef, Phan Nhu Long launched the popular dining experience back in late 2018. The couple knew they wanted to create an […]

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