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I started freelancing for Essentially Pop during my first year of university and carried on writing articles, interviewing artists and covering festivals for them for the next 2 and a bit years. I still guest write for them on occasion and love the bones off my editor Lisa who by the way started this awesome website from the very beginning!

Essentially Pop features a little bit of everything, bands? You got it! Festivals? Oh yeah! Travel? Absolutely! Books? Duh! Films? YAAAAAAS Queen! With new posts updated hourly, you’ve got a fantastic selection of articles, reviews and blogs from some of the best writers in the business (not trying to throw myself in with them but honestly, these people love to write and you can feel it through what they publish on Essentially Pop!

Every article I wrote my mum printed and has a folder in the house. We counted them and there’s over 75 articles. GOSH! So I’ve popped a link to them all below:

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