How to Be a Beauty Therapist

Lucy Smith, 26, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk worked out some spare time to talk to me about her top tips on how to become a beauty therapist.

LB: Morning Lucy, how’s the weather down in Norfolk? It’s so hot up here in Wales!

Hey LB!

Lucy: The weather is absolutely beautiful down here! Although, we did have a storm the other day but the rain seems to be finally over with.

LB: You’ve recently spent time as a beauty therapist for Bannatyne Spa, how was that?

Lucy: Bannatyne’s Spa was a fantastic experience! It was my first beauty job in the industry so I learnt a lot quickly. The spa in Norwich where I worked, was busy all the time and our main clients were people who booked spa packages. I did mostly massages and facials which I loved doing. However, back to back massages were very taxing on the body. I would often go home with my wrists and back aching for days, but I enjoyed making the clients feel relaxed and happy.

LB: Have you always wanted to be in the industry?

Lucy: Ever since I was a little, I always loved doing makeup on my dolls and doing their hair. I was always interested in the beauty industry, and as I grew up, my dolls turned into enjoying doing my friends hair and makeup when we were getting ready for a night out.

I loved their reactions after I’d show them how I done their hair and makeup, and I got a buzz out of how I made them feel beautiful.

After high school, I started work in a law firm, training up to be a legal executive but after a few years the firm broke down and we were all out of jobs, so I took a year out for myself and went traveling.

On my return I continued a career in law only to realise it wasn’t for me, and what i really wanted was to pursue my dreams in the beauty industry as a therapist.

LB: For anyone wanting to become a beauty therapist, what specific courses have you completed to get to where you are now?

Lucy: So I went to study at ‘The Norwich School of Beauty’, a private college in the city centre. I thoroughly enjoyed my year and a half there whilst gaining a rapport with one of my teachers. She was also one of the managers at Bannatyne Spa and asked me to come in for an interview. I jumped at the chance and felt this is the start of my beauty career.

LB: What’s your favourite part of being a beauty therapist?

Lucy: The most interesting thing about the beauty industry is that it’s forever changing and developing. For instance, just when you’ve learnt a treatment , it adapts and changes. Its one of the industries that will keep growing and developing new ideas and that excites me.

To date I have these qualifications:

Beauty Therapist Diploma level 2 and 3

Eyelash extensions

Spray and manual tanning

Chocolate massage therapy

Lava shell massage

Hair up, bridal and occasions

My favourite part of being a beauty therapist is the way I make people feel, I love making people feel beautiful.

LB: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Lucy: The best piece of advice I received was with someone I worked with at Bannatyne’s. I was newly qualified and was worrying about doing my first treatments on the public. She said to me,

You have nothing to worry about, you are a confident therapist and you will always be able to do a better job than they could anyways because we are professionals.

LB: Is there anything else you want to get into within the industry?

Lucy: I would like to become an itec trainer one day. You need at least five years in the industry, so hopefully one day I will be able to do that.

LB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years-time?

Lucy: To eventually have my own beauty business and be able to work for myself.

LB: Thanks so much for letting me interview you! It’s been great speaking with you and good luck with everything!








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