How to Make Your Home More Sustainable

The effects of climate change are becoming more visible in the world with erratic temperatures, increased flooding, and more melting in the polar ice caps. It may not be possible to fix everything all at once, but we can help by changing your habits and lifestyles and supporting a sustainable circular economy. The best place to start is in the home. We can use less water to prevent droughts and carbon generation, reduce our power usage with smart meters and conscious living, we can change the cleaning products under our sink for natural ones, and practice zero waste in our lifestyles.

Water Sustainability
Most people don’t think about their water usage. They might know that using water is unsustainable, but they don’t know why. Using more water than is needed increases your carbon footprint and damages the planet because water production and transport require energy. Also, the wasted water must be reprocessed. You can save water by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers. You can also use the eco settings on your dishwasher and washing machine.

Smart Meters
Using water wisely will help the planet and reduce your carbon footprint, but it isn’t the only form of energy that needs to be carefully controlled. Gas and electricity are finite fossil resources that need to be conserved. You can significantly reduce your gas and electricity usage in your home or flat using a smart meter. It tells you exactly what appliances use energy and allows you to change your habits. They are available in serviced apartments in East London.

Energy-Efficient Lights
As technology improves, so too does our ability to reduce the energy usage in your homes and apartments effectively. Doing so has the twin benefit of reducing carbon output and our energy bills. You can save money on your power bill by replacing the lights in your home with energy-efficient bulbs. These use LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs and are available in warm or cold light. They are cheap to buy and last far longer than traditional bulbs.

Natural Cleaning Products
These days the supermarkets generally stock natural cleaning products that are far better for the planet than traditional chemical ones. The chemicals from cleaning products get into the groundwater and contaminate the environment. They are responsible for the death of animal and plant life as well as a likely cause of different cancer types. Natural products, on the other hand, only use natural ingredients. They are safe for general use and make your home more sustainable.

When thinking about Sustainability, most people think of energy first and of reducing consumption, but waste too is a big issue. We need to reduce the quantity of products used in the world so that we can control the carbon in the atmosphere and provide a healthy environment for future generations. You can help with this in your home by reducing your consumption and recycling, but also by composting your waste rather than using it as fertiliser.

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