I want to be Health with you

I think for students, your third year is one of the most important times in your life and one of the main things you need to get right is your health. Contraception like men, I’ve so far always picked the wrong one.

From acne to feeling anxious, I’ve had the brunt of it and after a year or so on the implant, I’d had enough of breakouts and feeling anxious. I needed a change.
I had thought about coming off contraception all together but the memories of high school are coming back with vengeance and all I remember is waddling around with what felt like a soft book between my legs. Not fun.
It’s not about sex for me. I genuinely haven’t been in a relationship for over a year and before that, it was 2 short years of one.
Whenever you make a decision I think you have to do it with this self-professed gut feeling that you have to run with because that’s what life is about, making those hard decisions that sometimes, unfortunately, come back to bite us in the bum!
I’ve just switched to the mini pill and this was new for me because I hadn’t popped a hormone pill since college when I’d had enough of my irregular periods. But it was the only other contraceptive that didn’t scare me, or give me breast cancer.
There are so many side effects to these tablets, coils, implants and other forms of contraception that I honestly struggle with the decision of ‘what do I want?’
And I think I struggle with the same question in relationships too, and by the end, I’m left thinking, why the hell did I stay with him so long? Do I love the idea of love more than myself? 
If you start with the line or hear yourself saying it, ‘well he’s not that bad because…’ or the classic, ‘well, he did do that so..’
So, nothing! You can’t make excuses anymore, you have to think about what you want and make a decision on it because if you don’t you’re just backtracking on your word and then you find yourself moaning to your friends over a green tea in some organic cafe somewhere, when you should be talking about all the good things in your life.
There’s a saying, if you think positive, you’ll be positive’, and this goes for the rest of your life too.
I’m not trying to parable here about going ‘au naturel’, but I am wondering when we shouldn’t choose contraception because we feel forced to. It shouldn’t be the only option.
Today, it would seem you find yourself choosing between the lesser of two evils, then it got me thinking if contraception is stereotypically linked to relationships, are we just settling for the lesser of two evils?
And should we be making more self-centered decisions?
I personally feel that being self-centered has a bad rep, it’s not necessarily because we’re ignoring other people’s feelings, it’s because choosing yourself first has to be your main priority when you’re single.
It’s something that has not let me veer off the path and feel sorry for people. I have this unconditional heart that sees me falling for ‘old tricks’ and spending months enduring others who have never had my best interests and are the definition and reason why being self-centered has a bad rep!
Today, are we caring too absorbed in choosing between two evils, and forget that there is a better option for us? In the relationship we have with ourselves and others, are we not being health enough with ourselves?

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