Investing Your Future

Investments…relationship wise its never been my strong suit but, I’d like to think career-wise I’m doing better. Today, I’ve just taken a step into my future and bought myself my first camera, aaaaaand I saved myself a packet.

For the past five years, it’s been my dream to carry on doing what I love and that’s writing and traveling. It only took me this long, but I’ve finally found a combination that’s right for me and that’s to do travel writing.

Interviewing people is one of my favourite things to do because I enjoy meeting new people. I only started WhatSheBlogged last year and I’ve already met so many inspiring people, that I hope have been inspiring you too.

It was kind of a strange situation the other week when I bumped into a blind psychic, not literal bumping into but we were asking directions and he just asked me what I wanted to be. I told him a writer and he said I needed to go into media, yes writing but I need to get started on videoing my interviews.

How the heck did he know I interview people? I thought. One of the craziest things was that he was blind so it’s not like he could have read my blog anywhere or anything. He was so nice and positive and RANDOM, I just took it as a sign I need to stop waiting and start DOING!

You see, I’ve been wanting to start putting up video content for a while and especially learning about new equipment is always a plus. So I opted for the Canon PowerShot g7 mark ii.

I’d already read up on the amazing reviews and watched Youtube videos on what it can do, so I did it. I took the plunge and bought one.

It suddenly dawned on me, why on earth was I waiting to start my dream? I think if you’re ever struggling with a decision that involves cash or something potentially life-changing, you have to ask yourself that question.

I’ve also bought all the techy equipment and will be purchasing the final cut pro during the summer but for now, I’m going to smash the third year and graduate in July and see where the coastal tide takes me. As long as I’m doing what I love, I can’t really go wrong.

This is also an important mantra to tell yourself. Sometimes I get anxious about things and question my decisions but I can tell the ones I’ve really thought about over and over because as soon as I made the decision to invest today, I knew I was doing the right thing.

Its gonna be a hell of a journey but nothing ever worthwhile is easy.



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