Lonely Planet: How to be a Travel Writer

Goodreads: *4.10

Bursting with invaluable advice, this inspiring and practical guide, fully revised and updated in this new edition, is a must for anyone who yearns to write about travel – whether they aspire to make their living from it or simply enjoy jotting in a journal for posterity. You don’t have to make money to profit from travel writing. Sometimes, the richest rewards are in the currency of experience. How to be a Travel Writer reveals the varied possibilities that travel writing offers and inspires all travellers to take advantage of those opportunities. That’s where the journey begins – where it takes you is up to you. 

Let legendary travel writer Don George show you the way with his invaluable tips on: The secrets of crafting a great travel story How to conduct pre-trip and on-the-road research Effective interviewing techniques How to get your name in print (and money in your bank account) Quirks of writing for newspapers, magazines, online and books Extensive listings of writers’ resources and industry organisations Interviews with established writers, editors and agents.

Besides being visually appealing, Lonely Planet’s ‘How to be a Travel Blogger’ is more than a pretty guide, it’s a bible for anyone who wants to make real money from their travel writing.

From regular ‘how too’s’ like getting paid and having that Brownie badge of credit for your work on display so you’re making the most of your writing experience. Whether you’ve only written essays in uni or have been reviewing hotels and want branch out onto another tree, this book will teach you things and you won’t be napping between chapters either with its fun illustrations and variety of content that doesn’t simply start with a chapter title.

One of the most important sections for me was the ‘pitching’ side of things. I think it’s one thing knowing how to write well but it’s another actually getting thought of as a valued writer. You want whoever you’re pitching to…whether that’s a newspaper or an online luxury magazine to see your email and think of you as someone they will reply to instantly- not come back to. If you market yourself well, your article will stand out and you’ll start to make a name for yourself online and as having a reputable presence as a good writer they need for their publication.

Another great thing they’ve included is ‘Blogger’s View’ – a comprehensive opinion piece from some of the best travel writers and their reflections of blogging and how their journey so far. This is an important and very real readable conversation that really helped me understand where I was going wrong as they were talking about topics like ‘considering your audience’ and ‘advertising’. I think for anyone who wants to market not only themselves and be known for their well-written pieces, it’s vital to get to know the people who have been there, done it and been paid the commission to do it.

My brother bought this book for my birthday as he knew I wanted to combine my love of writing and travel and I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a fun introduction to travel writing and how to do it..

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