Making Plans For When Normality Returns!

While losing all of our freedoms because of coronavirus has been no fun for any of us, what it has done is shown us exactly what we were taking for granted before. The things we could just get up and do without a second thought. Think of the times you turned down perfectly good opportunities to go out and have fun because you couldn’t be bothered or wanted to stay home- this situation has made us all appreciate what we had a lot more! So when things go back to normal in the future, take life by the horns, go out there and work your way through your bucket list and live life to the max. Here are some ideas for things you can plan for when normality resumes.

Go travelling

The entire world has been locked down for months, even now restrictions have eased, travel is a little way-off still. It seems almost surreal to think that not so long ago you could go online, book a flight to anywhere in the world, hop on a plane and go. Now that this luxury has been taken from us, many of us are asking ourselves ‘why didn’t we make the most of that opportunity?!’ Travel and tourism will eventually resume, so for now you can build your bucket list. You could look at luxury holiday apartments to rent in Marbella, or gorgeous log cabins to rent in the Scottish highlands. Perhaps a villa in Florida is more your kind of thing, or a fancy hotel in Greece? Or if the thought of venturing too far afield makes you feel a bit anxious, and you just want to dip your toe back into the pool of travelling slowly, why not go for a staycation in some luxury holiday cottages instead? A staycation is a great way to test out the travel waters, discover some fun places in your home country, and get you excited for trips to more distant and exotic destinations further down the road. Have a think about the sort of things you’d like to do too- hot air balloon rides, swimming with dolphins, yacht rides- the list is endless. 

Throw a party

We’ve all deeply missed our loved ones, so what could be better once normality resumes than getting everyone together? It could be a barbeque, a cocktail party, a themed party- anything that gets people eating, drinking and having fun- when the time is safe to do so. Think about different food and drink options and fun entertainment ideas.

Improve your career

Maybe your job has ended as a result of coronavirus, or maybe the recent events in the world have made you realise that you’re just not happy in what you do. Perhaps you want to follow your ambition, or maybe you want to do something more rewarding? Once you’re able to get back out there and go and be interviewed again, go for it. Have a think about what you’d most like to do with your life and go from there. It might involve starting at the bottom and working your way up, or it could mean going back into education to get some qualifications. You could even do some online courses and work on getting qualified now to give yourself a head start for when companies start hiring again.

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