Mindset Before Money: Learning to Operate a Sustainable Business

Living a sustainable life is something that the vast majority of us want to achieve. But when we see sustainable businesses, there are so many of them out there. If you are someone who is in the blogosphere and you are looking to make the next leap into monetizing your blog or selling products through your website, you have got to think about how you can practice sustainability. For many people starting out, the practice of sustainability proves difficult when there are financial obstacles. But with this in mind, how can we get into the mindset of sustainability in a professional sense?

Having a Clear Goal

Sustainability is a blanket term for so many things, but where do you want to excel? Do you want to provide products like vegan soap bars and partner with companies that have a very specific mindset? Or do you want to become more sustainable in certain practices? When you have a clear goal and avoid any ambiguity, this is when you will be able to make sustainability a core part of what you do. Many people choose to set up a business of some sort without a set of core values. Whether you are running a blog or you want to diversify into products you have to remember that your ethics aren’t going to be something that is just in relation to you, but it’s going to underpin everything that happens, especially if you start to hire employees. Sit down and create a manifesto with a clear goal so you can stick to this now and when the business improves in stature.

Partnering With Sustainable Companies

This is the first port of call. If you are looking to sell vegan soap bars and products that communicate a very specific ethic, you’ve got to make sure that the companies behind them are sustainable and operate with the same moral compass as you. And this is not always so straightforward. But you can conduct research by going through websites like the Ethical Consumer. When you start to find the right companies that have the same outlook as you do you, you are covering your back in a certain sense but you are also using your relationship to learn from them. This is just as important. If you do not learn new practices, or at the very least find suppliers that are dedicated to improving their sustainable practices, is it going to be a long term relationship or will it fizzle out in a couple of years?

Showcase Your Sustainability as Part of the Brand

It’s something that isn’t just a handy promotional tool, especially to bring like-minded businesses and customers to you, but it’s also a handy reminder to yourself that you need to stick to these core values. With people that work with you or employees, you may find when you start to find people that are on the same wavelength as you this will help bolster your brand and keep you going during difficult times. Showcasing sustainability by letting clients or customers in on the secret will help you to stick to the game plan while also informing others of your goals. This helps other people to follow suit. While it’s important to not be dogmatic about your goals or beliefs, if you feel that this is important to you and the business, it has to be front and centre.

Keep at It!

Being sustainable isn’t something that you strive for once and once you’ve achieved it, that is it. There will be aspects that you’re not able to achieve right away. When you start incorporating one sustainable practice, you can focus on the next one and keep going. You can’t do everything overnight. But when you start to gradually expand this will open you up to other ways of working. And the more profit you get, the more you can invest in sustainability. It’s one of those key investments that every business needs to make. But it’s a chicken in the egg situation; do you invest everything you can upfront to be sustainable but potentially struggle with the business, or do you work at the business to make a profit so you can make it sustainable further down the line? It is your choice.

Learning to become a sustainable business is something that everybody is trying their hand at with varying degrees of success. When you start out and your finances are limited, you have to be aware of these limitations. You can’t do everything, but with time, you can turn your business into a sustainable entity to the best of your abilities.

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