Wednesday Motivation


It’s mid week, its Thursday tomorrow which means its nearly Friday, so not long until the weekend folks! But why are we always looking towards the weekend for fun?

I know some people work during the week and others its none stop or its just weekends but I want to remove the stigma around Monday’s and the midweek porker that is Wednesday.

It can be an absolute drag to feel motivated sometimes and told hold a positive brain cell if you’re day hasn’t gone right can be exhausting but I know I also feel better doing something healthy like positive thinking, a morning smoothie or a workout.

So today I motivated myself with a core workout and some yoga before I attending to a mountain of work I had to do. My method of choice was Body Boss over on Instagram.

They’re a collection of HIIT workouts at 24 minutes, 3 times a week. I also go jogging three times in the week but so far I’ve lost over 2 stone since January, which I’m really proud of.

I love the varied workouts and that they’re not in a gym, you can do them anywhere, the beach, your back garden etc, as I love the outdoors, this is great!

I’m also mad about smoothies and am really into match green tea and baobab powder. The benefits are great and I love how it makes me feel. My skin, hair, nails and in general my mood and energy is so much better when I start my day right.

Happy Wednesday!


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