How to Be a Successful Blogger: Steffy Degreff

Steffy Degreff, ex visual merchandiser at J.Crew and vintage queen, is living in one of my most lusted after cities: New York. With over 150K Instagram followers alone, and the success of her blog “Steffy’s Pros and Cons” it makes her something of a trailblazer.

I interview Steffy on her journey thus far and what we all want to know…how did you do it?!

LB: You have both a successful Instagram account and blog, which came first?

Steffy: The blog came first! Actually, my vintage store came first – I was selling vintage on Etsy, then moved to BigCartel, and then I was on which eventually led me to create a blog! Once the blog was up and running, and Instagram was created, I jumped onto it!

LB: How did you come up with the idea for your blog, ‘Steffy’s Pro’s and Con’s’?

Steffy: My blog began as a way to get over a breakup (haha) so every day I would list the pros and the cons of that day, to try to show myself that there was always a bright side. It’s funny, because I still connect with the concept behind it even though I never meant it to be anything more than a personal diary kind of blog for myself.

LB: I think one of the first things I liked about your Instagram account was how you used the colour orange in your pictures, I’m guessing this is your favourite colour?

Steffy: Yes, I love the colour’s orange and yellow, and always have!

LB: What have you learnt from your first photo to your most current (lifestyle, fashion, etc)?

Steffy: I’ve learned how to be more comfortable in front of the camera. I used to be very embarrassed to be shooting in public, but now I’m like this is my job, so I may as well have fun with it!

LB: I’ve always wondered how fashion bloggers afford all their outfits. When you first started ‘Steffy’s Pros and Cons’, how did you manage your money with rent and buying the latest fashion items?

Steffy: I thrifted! Most of my outfits were secondhand, and I would alter them with my sewing machine.

LB: What made you gravitate towards a particular style with your blogging, and were there any creative processes you went through?

Steffy: I always gravitated toward warmer colors in my images, and I’ve always leaned toward a more vintage aesthetic. Over time I honed in more on my own photography look and feel, but I think my personal style has not shifted too much through all of the years!

LB: What would you say is your most iconic outfit and why?

Steffy: Hm, I have one look with high waisted denim, a tee and my yellow oversized cardigan that I remember being pretty well received on Instagram! I guess that one sticks out in my mind!

LB: Who did you first collaborate with and how was that experience for you?

Steffy: My very first collaboration was with Francescas Collections. I think it was back in 2012, and they sent me a skirt and a bag from their site. It was unpaid, and in exchange for some photos. I remember being so insanely amazed that it even happened!!

LB: Do you do your own photographs or have you always had someone to take your photos?

Steffy: My husband usually takes my photos, or my family, friends, or whoever is around!

LB: What advice would you give to any lifestyle bloggers starting out?

Steffy: Learn how to use the camera, and invest in the right gear. Also consistency is key!

LB: Thank you again for letting me interview you! I’m sure your advice and story will inspire lots of bloggers who are stuck at where to begin.

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