Clean Beauty—and Why It’s Important

7th April 2021

Clean beauty products are made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health. For years, I had been naively using beauty products that contained toxic chemicals. I was ignoring the ingredients in my beauty products because I was fed up with trying new products and yoyo dieting to reduce how many spots I had […]

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5 Common Endocrine Disruptors—and How to Avoid Them

10th March 2021

I hear you, what on earth is an endocrine disruptor? The endocrine system is a network of hormone-producing glands that plays a vital role in all phases of our body’s development, metabolism, and reproduction. Before writing this article, my knowledge of estrogen, and testosterone stemmed was from the doctor giving me my contraception tablets explaining […]

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5 natural beauty trends and how to make the switch

22nd February 2021

I used to shop based on how pretty the bottle looked or what was popular on the shelves and in the adverts. I’d carry around a basket and throw things in it with products that were on offer or ones that I usually wouldn’t be able to afford. I was also the ideal shopper the beauty industry looks for…I only read half the label!

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How to be a Boss Babe with… The Wonders of…

9th August 2018

I often wonder what it takes to be a real ‘boss babe’ and the journey behind a success story. Meet Yasmin Kurt, a twenty-something who recently went out on her own to start her own events business ‘The Wonders of…’. The full-time receptionist based in Cardiff, who runs a successful monthly blogger networking events business […]

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How to own a Beauty Salon with Blush Conwy

27th April 2018

I think at any age looking after your skin should be a priority. It should also be a routine that you know whats in your beauty products and how to look after the beauty that’s both inside and on the outside. So, with knowing this, it felt important to interview someone who knew all about […]

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How to be a Makeup Artist with Alisha Heap

30th March 2018

Based in Chester at her sister’s salon, ‘Naomi Chanelle Hair’ just off Commonhall Street, and with over 8K avid followers, Alisha Heap Makeup is already making over Instagram. From her recent collab with Doll Beauty and Pretty Little Thing to her makeup tutorials at Urban Decay, something is telling me you’ll be seeing a lot […]

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The SSB: Secret Single Behaviour

8th January 2018

As I’m writing this, I’m belting out ‘Defying Gravity’ …you know what musical that is! Alright, SSB, we all do it, you’re probably doing it right now! I was watching an episode from my box set of Sex and The City when Carrie spoke of a certain behaviour that I embody from time to time […]

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The importance of being water

23rd September 2017

Good evening folks! So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back in the UK and currently I’m suffering from a little post travel flu (it’s not actually that bad but my neighbour’s lack of volume control on his stereo is making it feel worse), anyways! I’m feeling a little under the weather and […]

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Bali Prep

21st August 2017

Hi hi! Happy Monday everyone! So its five days until I’m off on my first solo adventure to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate turning a quarter of a century…SAY WHAT!!? I can’t believe how quick time flies and you’re so busy dreaming of the shiny things that you miss living them. I’m so glad I decided […]

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