Stop saying feminist start saying woman?

30th December 2017

Since the Weinstein allegations, I’ve been thinking about what women empowerment actually means. I think feeling empowered is not just about gender rights, its about the respect you have for yourself and what this means for your career, relationships, friendships and how we have a collective responsibility to be better people. To me, feminism has […]

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The thing with stretch marks

31st July 2017

  Happy Monday! Okay someone has to sprout some wings and talk about them…STRETCH MARKS! There, I said it. I think because we live in a generation now where we feel pressured to ‘look good’ and essentially be better than the filter, we’ve lost the meaning of beauty. I feel partly victimised by particular people […]

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No Fear

21st May 2017

This week I woke up. I don’t mean open my eyes and start my day kind of ‘woke up’, I mean waking up to the type of energy I was giving out to other people. It kind of crashed into me like this blinding light. No bearded man was stood at my feet in sandals, […]

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