How to Market Yourself Successfully with Katrina Rohman

29th November 2018

Katrina Rohman, founder of Real Girls Wobble, a forum for women to share their natural ‘wobbles’ in life, whether they’re work-related or daily life happenstances that make us feel as though we’ve somehow diverted from our path to success. Katrina talks about her own real-life wobbles and how she overcomes it in our candid interview […]

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How to be an Events Founder with Yasmin Kurt

4th October 2018

Last week I travelled down to Cardiff to catch up with Yasmin Kurt, founder of The Wonders of…a monthly bloggers meets brands event business based in Cardiff, Wales. The 28-year-old, who chose The Big Moose Cafe as her venue for her 90s themed event says that she wanted to bring back some nostalgia to last […]

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How to own a Business with Ponderlily

28th September 2018

Carina Lawson, the fempreneur behind Ponderlily, the thoughtful, wellness planner and journal business has kindly spared some time out to speak to whatsheblogged on how to own a business. The inspirational mother, wife and now fempreneur says, I tried to be in-sync with what was important in my day, prompts in my planners added to […]

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How to be a Tea and Coffee Specialist with Seibiant

23rd August 2018

  This week I’m speaking to Sian at Seibiant, who owns a tea, and coffee shop based in Conwy, specializing in Japanese tea. Sian (pictured above) has also won The Best Business in Conwy award 2018. How amazing is that? I have lots of love for Seibiant and what they stand for, and as someone who […]

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How to be a Boss Babe with… The Wonders of…

9th August 2018

I often wonder what it takes to be a real ‘boss babe’ and the journey behind a success story. Meet Yasmin Kurt, a twenty-something who recently went out on her own to start her own events business ‘The Wonders of…’. The full-time receptionist based in Cardiff, who runs a successful monthly blogger networking events business […]

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How to Be Single

26th April 2018

I think out of all of the romantic comedies I’ve snuggled up to and the relationships I’ve been in, at the age I am right now I feel the happiest I’ve ever felt being perfectly alone and that’s down to one thing – knowing myself, and I don’t think you can do that in a […]

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How to be a Makeup Artist with Alisha Heap

30th March 2018

Based in Chester at her sister’s salon, ‘Naomi Chanelle Hair’ just off Commonhall Street, and with over 8K avid followers, Alisha Heap Makeup is already making over Instagram. From her recent collab with Doll Beauty and Pretty Little Thing to her makeup tutorials at Urban Decay, something is telling me you’ll be seeing a lot […]

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I want to be Health with you

22nd March 2018

I think for students, your third year is one of the most important times in your life and one of the main things you need to get right is your health. Contraception like men, I’ve so far always picked the wrong one. From acne to feeling anxious, I’ve had the brunt of it and after […]

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Investing Your Future

8th March 2018

Investments…relationship wise its never been my strong suit but, I’d like to think career-wise I’m doing better. Today, I’ve just taken a step into my future and bought myself my first camera, aaaaaand I saved myself a packet. For the past five years, it’s been my dream to carry on doing what I love and […]

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