The Last Minuter’s Gifting Guide

As I’m writing this I can hear my brother asking me what he thinks our mum would like for Christmas. Is anyone else’s sibling always last minute with presents? Ha!

I thought I’d put together a Christmas guide for the last minute peeps that don’t have time in between or after their daily routine. Well I have some great online gifts for you all!

I’ve teamed up with a some great companies who have kindly offered you lovely lot a discount on your next shop, how nice is that?!

I’m going to pop them in order of brands and who you might want to buy for.


First up,

Marks and Spencer 

They have a fabulous range this Christmas, and at the moment everything in the Christmas gifting is half price (except crackers – sorry!)

I found this little shabby chic style lantern, perfect for that couple who have just bought a house! Which I’m finding more and more people my age are, so daunting for the table for one over here but hey! This was a steal at £8.25 and will look lovely in my flat when I move out next year.


I saw this kneeler and instantly thought of my mum and her rose garden!

At just £10 this is a super useful gift in addition to her others (I spoil her, I know!). How cute are the little metal clippers and twine!

This would be ideal for someone who loves gardening and is always on their knees! Look at you protecting their health! Winner!

So my parents share a garden and literally have a wooden picket fence down the middle, as my mum has her sun house and rose garden one side, my dad has his veggie patch on the other.

I saw this ‘seeds and bulbs tin’ and thought it would be great for my dad to keep his veggie garden organised, and this tin mug had the perfect phrase for him as he’s always tending to his veg patch!

The green also goes with my mum’s theme for outside…you guessed it, pale green! Any garden lovers, whatever age – these gifts are perfect and can all be found at your local M&S!

You can quick buy these on your dinner break too!


I was coming up with this gifting guide and thinking what do people get each other that other people forget about? Then it hit me CAKE!

I know so many people who bring food to parties and I’m also entering this ladies competitions…every Christmas!

I think last year it was a Christmas pudding shaped cake made from hundreds of maltesers, some green fondant leaves and God! I think it was white chocolate dripped on top.

She also makes cupcake versions of the Christmas pudding and chocolate log! How yummy!

Can you imagine your mother in law’s face if you brought a tray of these bad boys in? hmmm? I think you’d be in her golden book me thinks!

Cakes by Emma   is a bespoke cakes and cupcake business that can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Emma makes them to order, anything from drip cakes to a Harry Potter themed book of spells, she can make anything and TRUST the person who’s previously ordered 12 Hobbit themed cupcakes that were DELICIOUS.

Alright, I’m going to have to move on because I’m literally foaming at the mouth!

Emma is kindly offering a limited 10% off for customers spending over £10.



I’m so impressed with Banana Leaf London, they’re a relatively new company and already have a cult following.

From their cute range of shopping bags, to MacBook skins, phone cases and stationary, they have lots of super quality products on their site. I’m going to have to get the rucksack for uni next semester for sure!

I ordered a few phone cases and notepads from Banana Leaf London, and they came pretty much instantly and I can’t decide which case I love for my phone more!

Definitely switching to the star case for New Year though!

I posted a few pictures to my Instagram account, showing off my mini notepads which I’m using for my blog – FYI they have half normal school lines and maths squares – so handy!


Banana Leaf have kindly given you guys 15% off your next purchase with my code: BUTTERCUP15


My next year is already starting to get busy, with meetings for What She Blogged taking up most of January, I need some organisation in my life!

I couldn’t think of anyone better than Kikki.K a site dedicated to stationary and gifts.

I’ve fallen in love with their planners as you can personalise them with your name and they come with so many beautiful accessories like the stickers, mini pads and thoughtful notes.

They’ve currently got a sale on their site and just in time for me to purchase a new organiser for 2018! Also I love the zip – it keeps everything so tidy!

This would be perfect for a friend who’s also a busy bee, working hard and has numerous projects going on! They also do a range of more masculine shades for that fussy man friend of yours! But I love these pastel shades!


Okay moving on to one of my wish lists! I have so much love for this brand and their quality, unique style that I had to include them in my gifting guide.

Meet Sands and Hall your next fashion inspiration for your wardrobe!

Okay….PARTNERS! I hate giving a generic present that doesn’t speak volumes for the person you’re buying for. I couldn’t think of a better gift this time of year than a coat.

Sustainable living is a buzz word at the moment and although it’s meaning is probably referring to jam jars as cocktail glasses, it’s also making use out the things we own.

Why not a cosy jumper or a statement coat to make your partner’s smile even wider?!

Well I have two offerings for you.

1. I fell in love with this coat when I saw it on their Instagram feed, I’ve never seen anything like it and I love the colour so much!

This fitted cape which comes in multiple colours is a transcending piece that would look great on all body shapes.

I think the cape is something stylish but warm and the belt really sinches in your waist which will give your figure confidence.

You could style this up and down in so many different ways, this gem will be your next LBD or for guys a shirt? I know you have a favourite!


Now for the lads/men…

2. I think a jumper is such a good gift for a partner or friend. They can wear and rework this piece so many times throughout the year. it’s the perfect present.



Smart Ass Menswear is a great store selling brands like Hilfiger and Superdry, selling anything from jeans to shoes, so you have the whole outfit covered.

This is a local store just down the road from me that offers a great range of products.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, so I chose this fab chunky knit jumper, which is guess what? On sale! Hit the link in the name and it will take you straight there!


I’m loving boutiques and bespoke businesses at the moment and I’m loving Mermaid Stories for their detail and stunning luxury watches and accessories.

Their watches are special because of their unique design. I recently won their FREJA watch in a competition on Instagram and I couldn’t be more happy with it.

I especially love the mermaid detail on the back (I have a blog post going up next week, where photographer Vanessa Cross and I get up close and personal with my new beloved watch).

I’ve always wanted a decent watch that doesn’t rust and I feel so powerful wearing it, it makes me feel successful.

I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s totally true!

When it comes to fashion, accessories are the finishing touches that give you a natural boost to help you smash your week ahead and Mermaid Stories will help you get there.


My final gift is the power book. We’re all such big book worms in our family, our idea of heaven is a good book and a brew and probably a biscuit or two.

I saw a post on Instagram from ‘my passion project’s‘ an account I follow online who like me, wants to inspire you to be your best self.

I included one of her pictures in my cover photo so I could feature her in this post. She has a great energy about her blog and I want nothing more than to encourage you to surround yourself with positive people and to read happy things, I promise it’ll have an effect on you.

Her post, ‘My top favourite personal growth reads’ are available through a link in her blog title above.

My all time favourites are Sophia Amoruso’s best selling book ‘Girl Boss’, The Art of War by Sun TZU and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. 





Thats the end of my gifting guide! I hope you’ve found my suggestions helpful.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and stay posted for more interviews and blog posts.

Head over to my Instagram: anythingbutabuttercup or email: for collaborations and enquiries.




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