The Principals of Being a Woman

I was watching news segments and reading articles online about the Women’s March yesterday, where women, men and children were marching in aid of gender equality.

Inequality is happening to everyone, but for Women’s March, times up on women getting unfair pay, rights, conversations, and behaviour just because of our gender.

I couldn’t sit here and say all men are treating women badly, because they’re not.

The true principals of Women’s March is that women are considered equally. Men and women need each other.

For instance, babies, we can’t reproduce in the world without one and other’s consent.

Whether that’s in a loving relationship, a sperm donor clinic, a surrogate, donor eggs, if we look at that one simple aspect of life on earth, we could learn about the circle of it.

We are made from each other but its our actions outside of this that is defining us as humans.

Worldwide protests like Women’s March are highlighting the importance of the lack of respect for women in the world. I’m not even going to say right now, because we all know this divide between us on working collectively together has been a struggle for years.

I hate this! Don’t you? I don’t like hating anything or anyone because it’s never made me feel better. Negativity never does.

I think we can all be powerful and we can all lift others up to a place of power if we really wanted to.

I was talking about this to a friend the other day, where I was saying how much I hate flowers being given to me by boyfriends.

The sad thing is the only people who have ever given me flowers to make their day even better, is my family and for no other reason.

Flowers aren’t a solution to how badly you disrespect someone. To me, they’re widely used to buy people, or at least a week or two of someone’s affections before they do it all again.

This is just from my experience. I’m not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar?

Now, I know this will happen, I know I’ll meet a wonderful person who’ll have a great day in work and on his way home, he’ll pick up a bunch of flowers just incase my day hasn’t gone so well, or just to make me smile and make his day even better. This happens, I’ve seen it with my parents. I’ve seen a stranger walk up to another and give them a flower just to make them smile. That’s it. No other earthy reason than happiness and love.

But how powerful is respect in the realm of gender equality?

If we could only listen to one and other, and choose kindness and be love (you can’t give it, it radiates off you – this is positive energy), we could do amazing things.

For anyone striving for respect, whether you’re in work right now, or know someone who will be rude to you just because of your gender, you have to stand up for yourself, because no one else will.

By standing up for yourself, you give yourself back the power you’ve been letting others take.

I don’t mean turn to violence, I’m talking about that vocal stuff that wins people awards and starts great movements. Be your own hero and show others how to love themselves.

Research epic speeches from movies or say what’s in your head for once, believe in yourself and don’t take no shit! ha!

#timesup on people treating each other badly because of one reason or another, gender aside, you can’t live your life surrounding yourself with people who just want to hurt you, it’s not living is it?

It’s now Monday…or actually its just another day for you to start living your best life.

Be powerful, be wonderful but most of all be kind. If we be kind and have courage, I wonder what amazing things we could achieve?



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