The SSB: Secret Single Behaviour

As I’m writing this, I’m belting out ‘Defying Gravity’ …you know what musical that is!

Alright, SSB, we all do it, you’re probably doing it right now! I was watching an episode from my box set of Sex and The City when Carrie spoke of a certain behaviour that I embody from time to time and that’s SSB. Secret single behaviour!

It’s that secret stuff you don’t want anyone to know because you know it’s totally gross or at least they’d judge you. So mean!

I thought I’d embarrass myself immensely by revealing mine.

1. I like to eat in bed

Yep! I’m one of those who will happily snack a banana and leave the skins on the side whilst tucking into a good book.

2. I like to multitask 


I mean, how great is it that I can do complicated things like chat and wee to you at the same time, huh? It’s great, I know.

3. Keeping cozy is key


I like to binge watch Sex and The City or Harry Potter whilst wearing the fluffiest socks and Primark pajamas you’ve ever seen. Also, my hair will be scruffily half up with my bird clip. #winning

4. Beauty regime comes first


I’ve done this a few times…its really awful, but I’ve plastered a face mask on with what would seem like a cement trowel and accepted a parcel from the postman/deliveryman/Domino’s bellboy.

5. Cooking up a storm


Whilst I cook, I like to sing a few classics like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, and George Michael, obviously whilst pulling the most expensive dance moves you’ve ever seen!

6. Nosey parker


I get it from my mum! I live in quite a quiet area, so even the smallest disturbance outside I’m curtain twitching like some creep from Midsummer Murders.

So there you have it, my SSBs. I’m sure people could tell you there’s more but, I’m going to deny it for now. ha!

Comment, email or hit me up over on IG with your secret single behaviour: @anythingbutabuttercup


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