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Okay someone has to sprout some wings and talk about them…STRETCH MARKS! There, I said it. I think because we live in a generation now where we feel pressured to ‘look good’ and essentially be better than the filter, we’ve lost the meaning of beauty.

I feel partly victimised by particular people (not speaking directly to me but to women in general) who put up status’ on Instagram with memes saying, ‘Girls: If you post too many filter pictures then you’re ugly in RL’.

I’m laughing because the guy who posted it has the snapchat ‘dog’ photo in his display picture so what’s up with the dig to women?

This whole filtered/unfiltered argument is crap because magazines have been ‘airbrushing’ for years, its done. You’re perfect, even with your imperfections as you like to think of them. Only we don’t think this way because of the added pressures by a negative Nancy on a power trip.

I feel like we can’t win here, first they want the filtered pictures then they don’t, I mean throw me a bone here? (excuse the pun, it’s really not intended).

On the flip side, I see so many guys getting stretch marks from working out and calling them, ‘battle scars’, its just something that happens if you want to be stronger. There’s always going to people who celebrate them and others who like to poke you like a bear about it.

There are of course creams, procedures like derma rolling you could try if they bother you but theres always something you can do to make it better.

Now I’m a blogger, I love trying out beauty and fashion trends and blogging about them and especially my food, I love cooking and posting pictures of healthy food, and being a pescatarian especially (for medical reasons, no judging), I use Instagram to feed my foodie ego.

I think healthy eating is one of the best ways to live a better lifestyle, (body and mind) so definitely be following people with that mantra.

One day I was having a browse on Insta and I found Kayla Itsines and I loved her workout routines but also her freedom of thought. I read a post on her showing off her stretch marks (yes, ‘showing off’) and I was mini fist pumping when I saw the positive feedback she was getting. HELL YEAH! Women should be celebrated for their stretch marks, women’s body’s go through so much, from hormonal changes to pushing babies out of their…yeah, you get the picture!

I can’t stress this question enough though, ‘why would you want to be around people who make you feel bad?’ Block those trolls! Report them bullies! Unfriend those horrid people because guess what, there is over 7.5 billion people in the world so join a workout class, follow someone who inspires you and get the hell out of that rabbit hole you keep procrastinating over. ITS. NOT. WORTH. IT.

My mum always says to me,

A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.

Obviously I remember the stranger danger thing, duh. But she has a great outlook on life and making friends I feel.

For me, I enjoy working out for the way it makes me feel when I’m both wearing and not wearing my clothes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a Ben and Jerry’s once in a while or eating out. I had the best meal out in a local restaurant the other night and did I feel guilty? HECK TO THE NO!

I feel like if people supported each other more the whole world could be better but for now I’m living happy in the knowledge that I live amongst good people and I’m happy to ignore the rest too.

I see too many people getting anxiety or feeling low about themselves just because others aren’t happy with themselves. You know that’s what it is right?

Ever told someone they’ve hurt your feelings by something they’ve done or said and they’ve sent you an essay back with jabs at you. By ‘jabs’ I mean phrases that have nothing to do with your character (you don’t need your mum to confirm this), but general things that if you look back, they’re actually about them and not you.

It’s not being selfish to #selflove its different when you put yourself first, you should always be doing that. Love the people around you and surround yourself with nothing but less. Honestly there’s a post it worthy note in when they say, ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’

So all in all, stretch marks? Who cares?!

LB xox


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