Where to Travel When The World Opens up Again

The world is shut right now. The countries that people are going to travel to for a holiday are shut to tourists at the minute. It’s pretty much impossible to plan any sort of holiday at the minute, and even if you do there is such a risk that comes with it. You would have to think about what might happen when you get there. Would you have to self isolate? Would you get locked down there if the virus spread and caused the borders to shut. There are only a limited number of countries with their borders open anyway, so travelling is out of the window. But what isn’t, is the planning that you can do for when the world is open again. If you can put some sort of destination plan together and think of rough dates next year you might want to go, you can think about actually booking the holiday later on in the year. So if you keep on reading, we’re going to try and aim to inspire you with some great destinations around the world to visit. Keep on reading to find out more. 


Australia is such a vast country, so we can narrow that down for you in a minute. But the reason for selecting this country on the whole is that it is so vast, and there are so many places you could visit that would tickle your fancy. You’d be able to find something no matter what your ideal type of holiday is. We know it’s expensive for most people as Australia is so far away. If you live closer you’ll have the bonus of being able to book better deals. Perth is a great part of Australia to visit, and this 10 day Perth travel guide will show you how to spend some great days there. There’s also the likes of Sydney, the Gold Coast, Victoria, the list could go on. We’d recommend hiring a car and travelling to a few different places in order to get the best experience. 


Sticking to that side of the world for the time being, Bali is definitely a great place to visit. It has those tropical and relaxing vibes that we all need at the minute. One day you could be relaxing on the beach waiting for a beautiful sunset, the next you could be walking up a mountain to reach a temple. The people are so welcoming, the food is so amazing and cheap, and it’s just a great place to go in order to have a fun filled, yet totally relaxing holiday. 


Canada is another great place to visit. Most people recommend the US, but Canada has more to offer. It has crystal clear lakes great for taking a rowboat out on, beautiful mountains to climb, skiing ranges to explore, and cities that have the right vibe for anyone. There are many different parts of Canada to stay in so it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of the holiday.

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